As a board member I will advocate, represent, and build trust.

  1. Advocate: support solutions that help those on the fringe by broadening strategies for gifted identification, focusing on restorative practices and bias training to address inequitable discipline rates, promoting inclusion for our exceptional students, and encouraging early intervention and support for pre-schoolers
  2. Represent: ensure the perspectives of those most adversely impacted by our achievement gap are represented in our conversations about equity and excellence
  3. Trust: build more avenues for two-way communication with all parts of the community to ensure there is respect, appreciation and understanding of cultural and ideological diversity to foster more community-based solutions to our most pressing problems

Join me in moving the conversation beyond politics, beyond board rooms and back into our community. Together we can ensure our Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools live up to its mission of equity and excellence for all in our community. 


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