My name is Deon Temne and I am running for Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School Board. Like many other transplants, my wife and I were drawn to this community because of its small-town feel and the reputation of the school district. Since arriving, I have worked to become an active member of the community, volunteering and adding my voice to the collective discussions related to excellence and diversity in our district.

I am running for the school board because I know rhetoric alone won't help us conquer the achievement gap, keep quality teachers, or support the most vulnerable students in our district. 

As a school board member I want to help move us from conversations in the board room to building bridges between parents on both sides of the achievement gap. It's time for action. 

My platform is simple: Advocate. Represent. Trust

1. Advocate: support solutions that help those on the fringe of the bell curve by broadening strategies for gifted identification, focusing on restorative practices and bias training to address inequitable discipline rates, promoting inclusion for our exceptional students, and encouraging early intervention and support for pre-schoolers

2. Represent: ensure the perspectives of those most adversely impacted by our achievement gap are represented and engaged in our conversations about equity and excellence

3. Trust: build more avenues for two-way communication across all parts of the community to find common ground and community-based solutions to our most pressing problems

I look forward to the opportunity to serve as your next member of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School board.